Parents code of conduct

The following was devised with the parents at Appleton Nursery, to support the safeguarding and care of all children attending the setting.

  • All children, staff, parents, carers and visitors will treat each other with respect.
  • Everyone involved with Appleton Day Nursery will respect each other’s culture, sexuality and religion, welcoming diversity and accepting that everyone has a right to an opinion.
  • No form of bullying, physical or verbal, will be tolerated against children or adults.
  • Any person using inappropriate language will be asked to leave Appleton immediately.

No smacking is acceptable or allowed within Appleton Day Nursery buildings or surrounding areas. If witnessed such incidents must be reported to the Designated Safeguarding Person –  is Leanne Samuels

  • No parent, carer or visitor will be allowed in Appleton Day Nursery if under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances. Such abuse will be reported to the appropriate authorities and any child(ren) will remain at Appleton until safe collection is arranged.
  • No child will ever be given to a parent or carer if the said parent/carer is using a mobile telephone.

All parents of children attending Appleton Nursery agree to abide by the above to help provide a safe, caring environment for all children attending the setting. Parents are responsible for ensuring that all childminders, family members or other collectors are aware of this code of conduct.